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Welcome to Philips Brothers Electrical Contracting

After 30 years in public sector, low bid contract work, Philips Brothers Electrical Contractors is well poised as a factor in disaster response.  The unique contracts over the years have left PBE with a variety of equipment and skills that are unsurpassed in emergency response.  PBE stands at the ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We own a fleet of over 600 rental transformers in nearly all sizes and voltages - with the associated switches, circuit breakers, low voltages and 2.3kv, 5kv, and 15kv manual and automatic transfer switches, distribution panel boards, medium and low voltage switchgear, switchboards, and buss boxes up to 12000 amps. Additionally, we have a fleet of diesel generators in single units ranging from 25kw to 2000kw with equipment in place to quickly mobilize and set up a 5-10-15 or even a 20 megawatt system.

It is very rare that a customer calls Philips Brothers and is turned away in a time in need. If we do not have the requested equipment on hand, we work with the client to locate, deliver, and faciliate getting the client back on line in the shortest amount of time possible.  Please do not hesitate to call whatever your emergency needs may be - nothing has ever been too large or too small for PBE to handle.